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Domes of the Grand Mosque

Here is one of my photos from Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, from a trip in 2014. Yes, it has been 2+ years and I am just now getting around to processing this photo!

Before anyone posts a negative comment, I ask you to read the following.

In my travels around this world, I have been fortunate enough to enrich my life in many ways. I have visited cathedrals, churches, Jewish, Buddhist and Mormon temples, and even went to one of the largest Islamic mosques in the world. My list of friends likely spans all the religions I have listed. Although we may not agree on things politically, socially or otherwise have a difference of opinion, one thing is for certain - I have no need or desire to disrespect you. I ask you to do the same of my friends. ‪#‎lovehasnolabels‬

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From Abu Dhabi