When I first started shooting and sharing photos online in 2007-ish, I discovered an incredible photo collection on Flickr which had extraordinary colors and details. I read the description and it had some reference to HDR. Since it seemed to be some secret process to get your photos to look really incredible, I just kept on shooting, using all sorts of digital cameras. Staring in 2005 I was not too serious and used the Sony DSC-W100 and Sony DSC-H1Sony DSC-P10. Then, in 2008, I purchased my first DSLR, the Canon Digital Rebel XSi. At this point, I began to get a bit more serious about shooting. Click here to see my first creative work shot on my DSLR - I think I am a bit better now!

As I shared more of my photos on Flickr, I found that many other photographers were giving me positive comments and critiques on my work. I look back through my Flickr photos, I can actually see where my composition and techniques improved dramatically. I felt I now had the right type of camera to do the mysterious HDR photography I had been mesmerized by, so I began to really look for a way to learn how to create art myself. Luckily, I found "the HDR guy"!It wasn't until early 2009 when I invested a little time and energy to start learning HDR from the one and only, Trey Ratcliff.  

Not only is Trey's name synonymous with HDR photography, but he has offered a free tutorial on his site to show people how to take photos, use the proper software and create their own HDR photos. I read the tutorial, applied his techniques, and published my first HDR photo to Flickr.

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