Danny moved to Miami, Florida in 1988 from Los Angeles, California where he became known on social networks as “DanMiami.” Danny is now based in Marietta, Georgia and is an experienced world traveler who is available for assignments globally.  

Danny has been creating photo art since 2008, he developed his specialty in high dynamic range (HDR) photography. To further his photographic skills and education, Danny attended a rare US-based HDR workshop in the United States taught by world-reknown HDR photographer, Mr. Trey Ratcliff.

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After this event, Danny was inspired to re-process photos he had previously left untouched. As he posted his work on Flickr, he noticed an increased amount of interest and positive comments from other photographers. Danny decided to specialize in shooting and processing HDR photography and is associated with professional photographers based in South Florida who handle photography jobs ranging from fashion, forensics, and aerial photography.

In late 2009, Danny's was awarded the $7,100 grand prize by Blackberry (Research in Motion) in a photographic contest entry which was based upon an untouched photo (no Photoshop or other edits). This competition was run by the now defunct site brickfish.com.Danny invested his winnings into a better camera and began to mak photographs with a Canon 7D for many years. After 7 years of shooting Canon, he moved to the full frame Sony A7rII.

After flying drones for many years, he obtained and holds current certification issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a remote pilot (drone pilot) which allows for commercial drone photography.

Danny's photographic and artistic talents are shared with fellow photographers and friends on various social networks to include Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Feel free to follow and reach out to him directly through the social network of your choice.

Many images are available for personal and commercial download. Click below for image license terms and conditions available.

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